Frequently Asked Questions

Muskoka Wedding

Why hire a professional?

Photographery is first and foremost a way of SEEING.  

With today's highly automated cameras almost anyone can take a picture.   But photography isn't about cameras, it's about seeing the image, anticipating the moment, and capturing it, quickly and creatively, every time.

Our job as Wedding professionals is to capture the moments that tell the story of your Wedding day.

Setting a lens opening or pressing a button are simple technical operations that can be learned, but capturing a moment demands an emotional involvement, a creative eye and technical confidence.  

This type of vision only comes with a passion for the craft.  Anything less is just a snapshot.

How far ahead should I book my Wedding?

Since the demand for dates is highly unpredictable, please book as early as you can.  

Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Popular locations for photography fill up early too !

And remember, your price is locked in on the date you book no matter how far off your Wedding day may be.  
There are no price increases after signing, no matter how far off your Wedding Day may be.

Are you the kind of photographer who "takes over" my wedding?
Absolutely not.  We believe that wedding photography should be minimally intrusive.   During the ceremony we use state of the art image stabilized telephoto lenses to get "up close and personal" from 50-100 feet (15-30 metres) away.

Bride in Glasses
Here's an example of a photo taken during the ceremony from about 60 feet (20 metres) away.

How much time should I allow for photography?
Our years of experience permits us to work very quickly to set up and shoot the traditional photos with the Wedding party, family, and friends. Most family and group sessions are completed in about 40 minutes.  

We then like to have another 45 minutes or so to work with Bride and Groom alone.  All other photos are captured as the day unfolds.

So 90 minutes between the ceremony and reception is about right.  If we're going to a different location for your photos travel time would need to be added to that.

And if we have more time than that, we'll just take more photos!

Your prices include many things that other photographers charge extra for.  What's the catch?

There isn't one.   Since Weddings are "on location" events, we don't maintain an expensive studio.   We pass this major saving on to you in the form of extras that other photographers need to charge extra for (sometimes a LOT extra).

We're full time Professional Wedding photographers with over 1600 Weddings experience.  Wedding photography is our ONLY business.  

We take pride in our work and want every couple to have the full benefit of it, not only for their own enjoyment, but to share with their friends.

Over 75% of our bookings are by referral from previous couples.  The more ways we can give you to share your day with your friends, the more likely they are to call us when they get married!

When comparing full-time professional photographers you'll find that our prices represent excellent value.

If you don't have a studio, can you do a professional job?
Absolutely.  While we prefer to work in natural surroundings for those very rare occasons when the weather just won't cooperate we bring everything that might conceivably be needed for any situation including portable studio lighting, backdrops, reflectors, props and more.

Is the quality of Digital Photography equal to traditional film images

The quality of Professional Grade digital images is equal to images shot on medium format professional film, however, the degree of creative control possible with digital technology results in a superior finished product.

Images from our Professional Grade digital equipment far exceed the quality of consumer level digital cameras.  
We can make exhibition quality prints up to 100 inches (3 metres) on the long side.

Additionally, digital photography provides a level of creative control that is simply not possible with film.  For example, any image can be colour, black and white, sepia tone, soft focus, sharp focus, or ALL of the above, without destroying the original image.

If I order Books or Albums do I choose the images or do you?

We're constantly amazed how many times we get asked this question, apparently there are photographers who think that they know better than you which photos should go in your Wedding Album and won't let you make your own choices.
When you order books or albums from us you get to select every photo.

Why do you require the balance of the fee before the wedding?

This permits us to courier your Wedding Photography directly to you as soon as your photos are ready (usually about 3 weeks after the wedding) no matter where your new home is located.  
There are no delays or extra travel arranging extra appointments, and you don't have to endure a high pressure sales pitch to get your photos.  

Are there any hidden or extra charges?
Just the tax.  If our pricing seems more straightforward than most that's because we try very hard to keep it that way.  

The total cost of your Wedding Photography is fully disclosed in advance right on your photography agreement.

Do you accept credit cards?
Credit cards are very expensive for a small business and result in increased costs that need to be passed on to all customers, so no, however we will gladly accept your personal cheque or Interac email transfer.

If you require financing assistance for your wedding please consider obtaining a cash advance on your card, o
r if your credit card issuer has sent you "Visa cheques" or similar, we accept those too.

Still have a Question??  Please send it to us so we can include it in this list.

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